Osteoarthritis Testimonials

People with Osteoarthritis I have been coming to the OA Center in Wellington for 8 weeks to avoid knee replacement and now I am able to do things I have not been able to do before….all kinds of yard work. 10 weeks ago I could not do any of the things I can do again now. I had to quit doing all that kind of work. Even getting in and out of bed was hard to do but today, I just “popped” out of bed! My family notices that I am doing better too. Especially my wife…..I do all the vacuuming now! I really appreciate the care I have gotten here at the center. The physical therapy really helped me with everything even my equilibrium which wasn’t that good before! I am very happy.

Peter B
Wellington, FL

When I first went into the clinic I had a great deal of pain in my left knee.

I had to give up tennis and bowling! Also, I had a difficult time walking and traversing stairs. Since my treatment, I am able to get back to tennis. Walking and stairs are pain free!

My sincerest thanks to all of you for making my visits very pleasant!

Lorraine G
West Palm Beach, FL

Over the past 3 years I have endured the steady deterioration of both my knee joints, due to Osteoarthritis. The increased pain and continued loss of mobility has been a burden both physically, as well as psychologically. Like most patients I have tried various treatments

After 3 years of suffering and 2 surgeries, which had poor outcomes, I had resolved myself to a life of pain and medications. I spotted an ad in the paper for the OsteoArthritis Centers of America, took a chance and made an appointment.

From the moment I entered the building I knew this place was different. The staff was friendly, caring and took time to explain their process.

After enduring dozens of previous knee injections, I was prepared for pain. With Dr Liu's gentle touch and the techniques used for the injections I was very surprised to feel no pain. I walked out of the office with a smile on my face.

Barbara N
West Palm Beach, FL

OsteoArthritis Centers of America has helped me a lot! The pain has been reduced greatly. I will not hesitate to have the injections again when and if it becomes necessary.

Ursala B
West Palm Beach, FL

The OA Knee Program is a wonderful alternative to knee surgery-and the hazards that go along with it. I can’t imagine anyone opting for knee replacement surgery and the intense rehab necessary when they can get more immediate pain relief without the risks inherent with surgery.

Barry S
Wellington, FL

I experienced great relief [from the OA Knee Program], and it enabled me to enjoy a nice vacation by the injections making it possible for me to walk better than normal. I would recommend to anyone to have the knee treatments since I believe it can be a real help.

Jacob G
West Palm Beach, FL

I say there is hope! I state, in truth, after 8 weeks, I have sustained relief. I pray the pain will never return. My pain and swelling of my right knee was “HORRIBLE”. At this very moment my right knee has no pain. I recommend checking out the OA Centers of America. They are caring, attentive, smart in therapy and givers of hope.

Sam I
West Palm Beach, FL

I now feel I’m ready to do extensive travel around the world- something I had put off for the last 5 years. This is much better than a double knee replacement as recommended by the Orthopedic Doctors.

Generally speaking, the total treatment experience has been well worth the time, and you won’t find a more competent medical and office staff than at this OA Center.

Eugene S
Royal Palm Beach, FL

I can now walk without pain or a limp as me knee bends and straightens much better. I can also go up and down stairs without too much of a problem.

Give OA Centers a try. Where other injections of Hyaluronic Acid were not effective, these were. I believe the guided imaging getting the injection to the right spot makes the difference.

Your staff is A+!

Serena C
Carlsbad, CA

The synergistic combination of physical therapy and injections of hyaluronic acid has improved my mobility, functionality, and frame of mind. The treatments have definitely alleviated knee pain. The knee brace and Bionicare electrical stimulation has ameliorated the arthritic condition of my knees, especially the right one, which is much more damaged than the left.

I have already commented to friends and family regarding the efficacy of the treatments I have received at the OA Center.

What has pleased me most in my course of treatment at this practice has been the positive attitude of the staff. In addition to the fact that the treatment regimen was effective, the upbeat and professional demeanor of all the personnel made each visit to the OA Center a positive, pleasurable, and rewarding experience. They treat the patient as a human being. (They) use humor and intelligible explanation of procedures, progress, etc.

John N
Carlsbad, CA

I am now aware that there is an alternate treatment to knee pain other than surgery. Although I have just completed the program, I feel that I have improved my ability to stay mobile and will continue to follow the physical therapy techniques as recommended. I look forward to my follow up and believe I’ll have more complete and positive results to report as I experience improvements. Thank you all!

What has pleased me most about my course of treatment at the practice has been that all staff members are very professional and interested in my care. I received good information, advice, and consistent attention. The consultation helped me to understand the treatments and to have confidence in the program.

The physical therapy and careful monitoring by the therapists was very helpful in improving mobility, flexibility, and balance. I will continue to use these techniques at home and am grateful to them, their knowledge, and efforts.

What the office does well is treatment of the problem, communication with the patient, courtesy, and professionalism. I can think of no changes to improve their service as all of my contacts have been positive and helpful.

Shirley J
Carlsbad, CA

It has been a life changing experience. The injections were a great help and the therapy added the perfect combination and gave me more stability and strength in my legs as I had both knees taken care of. I cannot say enough about this treatment and the kind, thoughtful people who make it all possible.

If a friend or family member was curious about OA Centers, I would tell them to make an appointment for the seminar, as this would enlighten them as to the advantage of the procedure.

The doctor and the physical therapists were exceptional. I cannot say enough about the professional way the whole episode was conducted: it was a very pleasant and memorable experience.

The office is very courteous, always pleasant., always accommodating. Everybody in the clinic was very professional, and I found the treatment absolutely perfect and rewarding. I found the service flawless and difficult to improve on.

Brian H
Carlsbad, CA

Having suffered three major injuries to my knee over the years I have endured knee pain and stiffness for 35 years. I was amazed to experience less pain with increased mobility after only the second injection. Christine’s P.T. skills were an added bonus as she individualized my treatments to my other limitations. The OA Center is a very pleasant place; the staff most welcoming and capable. The doctor is very caring with his patients. I thank them all!

If a friend or family member was curious about OA Centers, I would emphasize how pain-free the treatments are. What has pleased me most in my course of treatment at the practice is that so far, I have more mobility and much less pain.

From Ali and Rose at the front desk, wonderful Judy’s most caring manner and sweet personality to Christine’s professional therapeutic skills I was taken care of very well! You have assembled a very cohesive staff!

Carlsbad, CA

I was to have a complete knee replacement, then I went to an OA (seminar). I wanted to try it before I had the operation.
I was (a candidate) and started right away: first the x-ray, then the physical therapy and then the injection. Slowly within 5-6 weeks I was able to walk alone, sleep in my bed (I had to sleep in the recliner before) and now I can go on vacation with my husband. Our first (one) in a year and a half. I would say OA Centers has given me my life back! No operation for me!"

If a friend or family member was curious about OA Centers, I would and have said come and see! You have nothing to lose except the pain in your knee. Look at me, I'm walking like a normal person.

What has pleased me most about my course of treatment at the practice are the people here at OA Centers Carlsbad! I had P.T. at other locations and I always hurt afterwards: here I feel like I walk away with a spring in my feet. Not only for the people here but because I can walk without help.

Susan B
Carlsbad, CA

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