Research and Publication Information

The OsteoArthrtitis Centers of America has developed Proprietary treatment algorithms comprised on evidence-based clinical services. With each of our programs we collect outcomes from our Affiliate Clinics on every patient treated. Data is used to analyze and publish the results.

In collaboration with OA Centers of America affiliated doctors and clinics, we have published a peer reviewed paper studying the long-term effectiveness of the proprietary OAC Knee Treatment Program. The latest study was published May 2017. To read more about this latest study follow this link:
Long-term clinical benefit and cost-effectiveness of an 8-week multimodal knee osteoarthritis management program incorporating intra-articular sodium hyaluronate (Hyalgan®) injections.

We use that data to analyze and publish the results. Our initial research was published in October of 2013 in a peer reviewed medical journal. To read more about this study please follow this link: An 8-week multimodal treatment program improves symptoms of knee osteoarthritis.

We are in the process of collecting additional data for both our OA Knee Program, and our Peripheral Neuropathy Program. The results of this data collection will be analyzed and published in the future.

If you have any questions about our research or publication efforts please feel free to contact us at: and we will respond to you immediately.

All data gathering, analysis and publication is done in accordance to HIPAA standards.

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