Medical Care Affiliate

A prime opportunity

Medical Care Affiliate

We are seeking long-term relationships with a select group of local health care providers who wish to enhance their medical practices by providing the OA Knee Program to their patients.

As an OsteoArthritis Centers of America accredited clinic, you will be licensed to offer our proven, proprietary, non-surgical, FDA approved treatments for chronic pain in knees, hips, shoulders, and back. Your patients will experience improved function, pain relief, and quality of life without surgery. These procedures are covered by Medicare and most insurance plans. We have accredited facilities in many states and plan to grow our network of accredited providers nationally.

Why you should consider becoming an OA accredited facility

  • Demand: The market is huge and growing. Over 27 million people have osteoarthritis (CDC-2010). By 2030 that number will grow to over 65 million.
  • The preferred procedure: OsteoArthritis Centers of America procedures are non-surgical and FDA approved.
  • Policy reform: Changing healthcare legislation and policies will encourage less expensive, more conservative approaches.
  • Experience: More than 20,000 patients have been successfully treated using the treatment protocol in the OA Knee Program. The history shows that the algorithms used in the Program work, and the treatments are covered by most insurances and Medicare.
  • Predictable outcomes: Our accredited providers measure outcomes for all patients. We have access to these clinical outcomes for over 20,000 patients, and we know the Program accomplishes its intended clinical goal.
  • Buying Power of a larger organization - OsteoArthritis Centers of America Affiliates benefit from the collective buying power of the entire network of clinics. Group Purchasing Agreements have been established to leverage significant savings on supplies and capital equipment for our affiliated clinics.

The profile of an ideal OsteoArthritis Centers of America prospective affiliate

Our experience has shown us that the attributes of a clinic that is best equipped to establish the OA Program are as follows:

  • A group practice with an established doctor or doctors
  • Minimum of five years in an outpatient setting
  • Some experience treating chronic pain, osteoarthritis or treating physical therapy patients
  • Strong relationships with insurance carriers
  • Good referral network in the local area
  • A practice with leaders who are confident, have a positive attitude, are entrepreneurial and who value being part of a larger organization.

How to move forward

Please fill out the contact form, or e-mail us at

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